Those who have a round facial appearance tend to have an excessive amount of adipose tissue in their buccal fat pads. Fortunately, buccal fat removal can work to reduce this roundness and help to create more defined cheekbones in men and women of all ages. Read through to see if you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure.

The Buccal Fat Removal Process: What to Expect

Buccal fat surgery is fairly straightforward and is typically completed in under an hour. Depending on the preferences of your medical provider, you’ll be put under general anesthesia or local anesthesia throughout the surgery. This helps to ensure that it is completely pain-free for you. Dr. Parikh will make incisions on both cheeks to gain access to the buccal fat pad. They will use forceps to remove excess adipose tissue in this area. Once they reach the desired results, they’ll close up the incision sites with sutures.

The Ideal Candidate

Having “chubby cheeks” is just one factor to consider when thinking about this procedure. When it comes to buccal fat removal surgery, the ideal candidate should have a relatively healthy weight. They are mentally healthy and desire to have more defined cheek lines. 

Those who are currently overweight or plan on losing a significant amount of weight soon are not ideal candidates for this type of cosmetic procedure. Additionally, anyone dealing with a severe chronic condition does not make a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Recovering After Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Typical buccal fat removal recovery takes around three weeks. Over this time, your face will endure some swelling and bruising, which are part of the healing process. Expect to take between five and seven days off of work and away from your normal activities. The mouth will be sore around the incision sites, and there may be numbness for the first several weeks after the surgery.

Many patients will handle the pain from the surgery with over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs applied to the jaw. Once the swelling starts to go down after about a week and a half, you’ll start to be able to see the results of the surgery. It typically takes around two months before a patient can see all the results from their buccal fat removal surgery. Dr. Parikh will take buccal fat removal before and after photos so that you can compare your results, especially during your post-procedure consultations.

Consult with Dr. Rikesh Parikh Today

If you’re not completely happy with the look of your face, then buccal fat removal may be the ideal surgery for you. This will help to remove excess fatty tissue around the cheek lines to provide a more prominent V-shape that you can be proud of.

When you’re considering any type of plastic surgery in Bellevue or Seattle, it’s best to always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Rikesh Parikh. He can help explain all areas of the procedure to you and help you come up with the best solution to fit your needs. Dr. Parikh can help you establish realistic expectations for any sort of cosmetic surgery you’re thinking of having.

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