Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery

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What to Expect During Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery

The facial feminization surgery recovery period will vary depending on the exact procedures performed. The areas of the face involved can also make a difference, since procedures can focus on the forehead, eyebrows, nose, jaws, chin, cheeks, and scalp.

However, there are commonalities across the spectrum, such as experiencing a degree of discomfort, bruising, swelling, and tenderness. They will vary in degree based on the scope and extent of the procedure.

How Long Is the Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery Period?

The length of time that patients will spend healing will depend on the scope of the facial feminization surgery. For the most minor changes, the worst of the discomfort should subside within two weeks. In certain cases, such as surgeries involving the chin and jaw, speaking and eating could be hampered for up to four weeks.

Taking Precautions

Once the patient has been cleared to undergo facial feminization surgery, it is best for them to prepare a room specifically for recovery. Rest and relaxation will be crucial to healing as fast as possible, which means uninterrupted sleep and avoiding stress. Preparing the necessary items to care for the affected areas, such as bandages, ahead of time would be recommended, as well.

It’s also important to prepare things that are easy to overlook, such as having enough pillows to help patients sleep in an elevated position. If the procedure results in difficulty in speaking, family members should be informed ahead of time.

Follow Instructions

Instructions will be provided regarding how to care for the affected areas, changing bandages, and taking medication for the facial feminization surgery recovery period. These must be followed to the letter. Dosage and medication schedules are especially critical for a smooth recovery.

Eat Healthy

Some procedures can make it difficult for patients to eat certain types of food. As such, planning meals to accommodate this challenge is advised. It’s also important to maintain a balanced diet during the recovery period. The body will be incredibly stressed during this time and will need nutrients to fully heal.

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