Breast Reduction

These candidates are those that have quite large breasts that cause symptoms that may include; back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, shoulder grooving and even rashes underneath the breasts. These patients demonstrate a significant increase in quality of life after breast reduction. Large breasts or macromastia can be seen even in younger age groups in the form of juvenile breast hypertrophy. This entity ids defined by rapid growth of breast tissue and can reach very large size at a young age affecting activity and self confidence at a young age. Breast reduction surgery can also correct large asymmetries between the two breasts.

Breast Reduction Techniques and Scars

There are many different techniques used to reduce the breast and are discussed during consultation. These include vertical lifts or wise (anchor) pattern lifts. These techniques result in different scar patterns. The type of reduction you need depends on your surgeon and how much breast tissue needs to be removed. The amount of tissue removed is important to not only attain a smaller breast but an aesthetic breast as well. Different pedicles can be used to reduce the breast; inferior pedicle, medial pedicel, superomedial pedicle and lateral pedicle. The choice of technique is based on your plastic surgeon and the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. With the removal of the tissue the breast should also appear lifted by the end simultaneously. Dr. Parikh focuses not only reducing the breast volume, but also on the symmetry and aesthetic look of the breast.

Candidates for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction candidates are generally healthy and nonsmokers. Active smoking increases the risks of failure of wounds to heal and loss of nipple or skin. A patient that has quit smoking for at least 4 weeks prior to surgery may be a candidate. Two types of candidates are usually seen. One type is a symptomatic patient. Those with neck, should or back pain. Shoulder grooving, or rashes underneath the breasts. These are great candidates for breast reduction because they will have a dramatic improvement in their symptoms and are generally very happy after the surgery. Some candidates can be very young as well. The youngest candidate, for example 15 to 16 years of age may have juvenile breast hypertrophy. These patients can also extremely benefit from breast reduction surgery. Not only for reducing symptoms, but also improving self confidence and self consciousness. The other type of patient does not have symptoms but just wants smaller breasts or more symmetric breasts. This is an aesthetic reason to perform the surgery because they will get a breast lift from the procedure simultaneously.


I have to share my among experience being a patient of Dr Parikh. After experiencing a breast reduction surgery that left me extremely disfigured with very large keloid scars, I almost gave up hope of ever feeling beautiful again. Dr Parikh performed a miracle removing the scars me treating the area. I run a non profit organization and do not have insurance and he did not turn me away. He performed the surgery pro bono! He is amazing! And truly cares about the outcome. If you are considering having any work done, please let Dr.Parikh be your surgeon. I promise you will be so thankful you did!!!!!!
He is very caring!!!

Nikki G
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