Breast Removal FTM Top Surgery

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FTM top surgery is a surgical procedure that’s designed to help transgender men alleviate the distress caused by a difference between expressed gender and sex assigned at birth. The procedure is designed to remove breast tissue to masculinize the chest. Dr. Rikesh Parikh proudly performs this surgery to help patients in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding area safely transition to a body they feel more comfortable in.

Preparing for the FTM Top Surgery

Although FTM top surgery does not require hormone therapy to undergo the procedure, to achieve the best results from FTM top surgery, it is best to wait for chest muscle growth that triggers as a result of testosterone therapy. Before the surgery, Dr. Parikh will perform an initial assessment of your body to determine the best surgical technique to address your needs.

During a consultation, he will discuss information regarding anesthesia, the location of the procedure, and any follow-up procedures that may be necessary. You will also be given pre-surgical and post-surgical instructions that you must adhere to in order to achieve the best results and limit any underlying risks.

What to Expect During the FTM Top Surgery

An FTM top surgery is much more than a typical mastectomy. This procedure utilizes special techniques that can contour and reduce the chest wall, reposition the nipples and areolae, and minimize scarring. The techniques used are called the double incision, periareolar, and keyhole top surgery. They will help create a more flat, masculine, male-looking chest.

The double incision surgery is used for larger breasts and bodies. During this procedure, the nipples are removed, decreased in size, and repositioned on the chest to achieve a more masculine appearance. The periareolar technique is generally used on patients with smaller chests.

The keyhole top surgery is recommended for patients with very small chests. Since patients undergoing this technique should already have a small chest and tighter skin, this procedure will not include nipple repositioning.

What to Expect After the FTM Top Surgery?

The FTM top surgery is an invasive procedure that will require patients to take some time off for work and certain daily activities to rest and recover. The chest will have to be wrapped in a compression garment for a few weeks after the procedure and drains will be used to help remove any excess fluids that may build up in the treatment areas after the procedure.

Are You A Candidate for FTM Top Surgery?

Before undergoing an FTM top surgery, it is imperative that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Parikh to make sure you meet the criteria for candidacy. He will have to review your medical history and perform an assessment of your body to make sure you are a good candidate. Ideal patients for FTM top surgery should be in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations.

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