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This is a very powerful procedure in terms of changing your physique. It can make a dramatic change in your lifestyle and appearance. There are two main types of body lifts; upper body left and lower body lift. The body lift is a necessary procedure in certain patients with excessive skin in the back area. A traditional tummy tuck will not be adequate to gain the ideal contour.

Types of Body Lifts

Depending where the skin laxity and fat is located along the upper or lower back will determine what type of body lift is needed. Upper Body Lift: involves removing the skin and soft tissue in the upper part of the back. The incision is horizontal in the upper back and this technique is used if the upper back has significant excessive tissue or rolls.


When looking into an abdominoplasty and possible lower body lift, I had several criteria that I looked for in a surgeon. It was important to me to find a doctor that was highly recommended, was known for great skill, graduated from a top tier medical school, and had their surgical training from a prestigious medical university like Vanderbilt. After consulting various top doctors in my geographic area, I selected Dr. Rikesh Parikh. I found that he demonstrated a meticulous surgical technique and produced natural looking results. Finding a surgeon whose aesthetic sensibility matched my desired surgical results — physique appropriate and naturally appearing — was paramount, and Dr. Parikh was ideal. My consultations were so enjoyable. He is an excellent communicator, whose compassion and genuine interest in his patients is evident. He always took the time to understand my individual needs. During my time as his patient, I felt completely comfortable recommending him to friends and family. I will always be thankful to him for providing such a positive and stress-free surgical experience. C.B.
Lower Body Lift: The benefit of the Lower Body Lift is contouring the abdomen and lower to mid back area. It has no impact on the upper back skin or fat. Dr. Parikh will be able to determine what procedure you need to fit your goals and needs. Sometimes both techniques are required.

Candidates for Body Lift

Candidates are healthy and nonsmokers. Smoking can affect wound healing and skin survival. Smokers should try to quit at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Most patients are weight loss patients. Candidates have excessive skin in the back area especially around the love handle region and in the front tummy area. The surgery can be performed in one stage or two stages. Dr. Parikh prioritizes your safety and tailors his approach that best fits your needs and goals.

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