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Dr. Parikh has a multitude of patients who are frequently from out of state. For patients that come to visit us from out of state or farther away here is some information to guide you on your visit as well as recommended places to stay and how to travel. We want our patients who are not familiar with the area to have a great experience not only with the surgical process, but also with your visit to the Bellevue Seattle area.

STEP 1: Initial Contact

Fly- In for an in person consultation

Ideal for patients that prefer to meet with the doctor or staff before making decisions.

Or Set up a Phone Consultation Appointment

A Phone Consultation is an important first step in evaluating you and coming up with a treatment plan. Although it is not face to face, it still has tremendous value in many cosmetic or reconstructive procedures.

How to set this up
Please call 425-502-9573 or Schedule a Consultation via website A Patient Care Coordinator will then reach out to you schedule a date and time for your consultation.

Send Photos
With your permission photos of the area of concern can be sent to us so that Dr. Parikh can evaluate them prior to your consultation. We recommend not to include the face unless a facial procedure is necessary.

Standard Views for Body and Face: Frontal, Side and Back Views

2. The Consultation

At the time of your consultation and reviewing your photos Dr. Parikh will listen to your concerns and go through your goals in what you hope to achieve. Dr. Parikh will also go through your medical history and discuss relevant points including what is realistic to expect. The risks and benefits of the procedure will be discussed as well as answer any questions you may have.

3. Receiving a Quote

After your consultation you will receive a quote of the treatment plan discussed. Please go through this and we are happy to answer any additional questions on this.

Financing options available

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4. Scheduling the Procedure

If you would like to move forward with scheduling your procedure please reach back out to us via phone or email. Our Patient Care Coordinator will also be in touch with you to see if you have any more questions and to follow up with you regarding availability and timing that suits you.

5. Preoperative Appointment

Once you have a procedure date has been confirmed, we can start the preoperative assessment. Most of this can be done online and via phone. You will have a preoperative discussion via phone 2-3 weeks prior to your procedure date. Your aftercare and instructions will be discussed and any questions answered. Dr Parikh will take photographs the day of your procedure and will meet you and review your medical workup.
Laboratory workup is required for certain procedure only. This will be discussed and can be usually be performed in your home town.

Surgical Candidate General Guidelines

These are some general guidelines to keep you safe and provide an optimal outcome. These guidelines are evaluated on a case by case basis and can be discussed with you during your consultation or preoperative appointment.

  • BMI : range 35-37 maximum
  • Smoking : To refrain from smoking, vaping, or any nicotine containing product including gum for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to procedure.
  • Diabetes Type I or II : Hemoglobin A1C (HBA1c) 6.9% or less. Normal range (5.7%-6.4%)
  • High Blood Pressure HTN : Should be controlled prior to procedure

Length of Stay

You must have a caregiver arranged with you for general anesthesia procedures.
Your stay with a caregiver should be coordinated in advance. The length of time to stay in town depends on the type procedure but can range from 1 -2 weeks. Dr. Parikh will discuss the length of stay with you that’s specific to your case.

Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery you will meet the nurses and anesthesia provider. Dr. Parikh will see you prior to procedure and answer any further questions you have.

Postoperative Care

Dr. Parikh will see you either the next day after the procedure and before leave back home. Follow ups can be customized to your schedule and be done via phone and photographs or in person if you are travelling back to the Seattle Area!

Flight and Hotel Information

Here is some information regarding Travel and Accommodations. There are many hotels in the Bellevue area to choose from. Bellevue WA is a great place to visit and stay. There are many restaurants and shopping all within walking distance. Dr. Parikh recommends you stay close to Bellevue area, the hotels below are recommended places where our patients have stayed in the past and have had positive feedback.

More about Bellevue Washington “Beautiful View” !