Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer

Fat Survival

In general, when fat is harvested by liposuction about half the volume can use for fat transfer. From that about 50% or more will survive or stay. There is also a limit to how much fat can be put into the breast before the skin gets too tight and all the fat will be lost with no results.



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Candidates for Fat Transfer to the Breast

Candidates for fat transfer are usually those that want a mild to moderate size enhancement. They generally do not want breast implants and want to use their own tissue. An ideal candidate has enough donor site fat to harvest for transfer. If there is not enough fat to take there will not be enough to get a desired result. Sometimes multiple treatments are needed to attain the desired size goal. Fat transfer candidates must understand that they may need a second or third procedure if the desired result is not attained initially.

Fat Donor Sites

Fat can be taken by liposuction from the tummy, hips, love handles, thighs, back and arms. The tummy and inner thighs are generally good donor sites and have good fat for transfer. Liposuction is performed and the fat is processed. There are many different ways to process the fat which include,; spinning the fat by centrifuge, gravity separation techniques and filtration techniques using nonadherent materials. Once processed it is ready for injection and transfer.

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