Lip Augmentation Implant

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Lip Aesthetics

The lips are a focal point of the face being a midline structure. Normally the vermillion which is the red part of the lip is larger on the bottom than the top. The bottom lip can be up to 50% larger than the upper lip. The upper lip has the cupid’s bow in the center region with a sharp vermillion border. Depending on the desired look the lip can be enhanced.


Fillers are the most common method for lip augmentation or shaping of the lips. Fillers are injected into the lips as an in office procedure. The fillers are temporary and usually need to be repeated after 6months to 2 years depending on what filler material was used.


My first visit to RP Plastic Surgery was for lip augmentation and I’ve never done that before. My lips turned out so good that I decided to do additional change to my body and it was a big del for me. I felt very comfortable to talk about breast augmentation and I scheduled a follow up appointment right away. Staff was very kind, helpful and friendly. It’s been a week since I’ve done a breast augmentation (my surgery was on 12/22/2015) so I’m still bruised, but there is virtually no pain and I can already see that I will love it! I want to thank you all for being so kind, caring and professional. Dr Rikesh Parikh is amazing.

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is performed by harvesting fat from other areas of the body and then injecting the fat into the lips. This method is similar to filler with hyaluronic acid such as Restylane or Juvederm but the results are longer lasting if not permanent.

Lip Implants

Lip Implants are made of solid silicone and come in different sizes. A brand that is often used is the Permalip. The thickness and length of the implants are chosen and inserted into the lips surgically. The incisions are hidden in the corners of the mouth and the implant is placed into the lip substance. The results are permanent as long as the implant is in place. Dr. Parikh performs this under local anesthesia as a same day procedure.


Most patients are good candidates for lip augmentation by filler with hyaluronic acid. This is an in office procedure that is relatively quick. Avoidance of blood thinners is recommended and a prior consultation to determine your goals and expectations. Lip implant surgery is a same day procedure and can be done in patients with relatively good health. Lip implant candidates generally have tried filler before and now desire a more permanent solution for larger looking lips.