Tracheal Shave Chondrolaryngoplasty

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Thyroid Cartilage Anatomy

Tracheal Shave Diagram

The thyroid cartilage is the largest cartilaginous structure of the larynx. It is has two halves that meet in the midline called the laryngeal prominence. This is also known as the Adam’s apple. This is regarded as a masculine characteristic and is more prominent in cis men. There is a notch above the prominence known as the superior thyroid notch. The thyroid protects the vocal cords which are located behind it. During tracheal shave it is important to not disrupt the vocal cords and maintain the anatomy of the muscles superficial to the cartilage namely the thyrohyoid and sternohyoid muscles.


Dr. Parikh and his staff are the best! This was my first surgery ever and they are the nicest, most professional people I have ever met:) they take time to answer and questions or concerns you might have and make you feel comfortable and are there for you if you need them! 🙂 It’s been about 4 weeks since my surgery and I love my results! I would highly recommend Dr. Parikh and his staff 🙂

Tracheal Shave Procedure

The procedure is relatively simple. It can be performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation or under general anesthesia. It can be performed as an isolated procedure or in the setting of FFS. A small incision is made horizontally above the prominence in attempt to hide the scar along the neck where the submental region meets the neck or in an existing neck crease. The muscles are seen and separated proceeding towards the cartilage. The prominence causing the cosmetic issue is removed, therefore flattening the area. The soft tissues are closed over the cartilage and the skin.