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What is Manual Lymphatic Massage (MLD)?

Lymphatic Massage aka Lymphatic Drainage Massage traditionally is a form a massage technique that is gentle and used to move fluid in the body to relieve swelling from a condition called lymphedema. Recently this technique has been employed in cosmetic surgery after procedures such face and body liposuction and tummy tucks to help with recovery.

Lymphatic Massage Before and After
Lymphatic Massage Before and After
Lymphatic Massage Before and After

What is Brazilian Lymphatic Massage?

Brazilian Lymphatic Massage is a technique that uses gentle pressure and specific pushing hand motion maneuvers that focuses on drainage of fluid toward their natural lymph node basin.

What is Lymph and the Lymphatic System?

Lymph is a clear fluid with cells which is left over after the blood has filtered throughout the blood vessels. This help maintain fluid levels in the body. The lymphatic system is a complex system that is part of the immune system. It is a collection of channels called lymphatic vessels which drain into intermittent reservoirs called lymph nodes. Then eventually channel back into the central circulation via the thoracic duct. Lymph nodes are found in many areas in the body such as the neck, armpit, groin and around the organs.

What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Massages?

A lymphatic massage is a specialized procedure that helps the lymph system work more efficiently. Specifically when done following surgery. The treated area is given special attention to speed up recovery and provide smoother results. There are many benefits to lymphatic massage such as:

  • Decreasing swelling
  • Decreasing fibrosis aka “scar tissue”
  • Decreasing risk of extra fluid pockets
  • Enhancing circulation of lymphatic fluid
  • Help with Postoperative pain control
Anatomy of lymph system

How to Prepare for Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Stay well hydrated
Avoid alcohol prior to massage
Do not eat 1 hour prior to massage

Who Performs Lymphatic Massages at RP Plastic Surgery?

The massage is performed by hand and from a qualified professional. The movements are gentle, and can be a relaxing and wonderful experience. There should be a reduction in swelling and possibly discomfort at the end of the session.

Esmeralda Guerrero CMA LE is a licensed aesthetician and is specifically trained in lymphatic massages of the body and face from Beverly Hills CA, and Vancouver Canada. She is highly skilled and has performed thousands of treatments, specifically in the field of cosmetic surgery. Esmeralda is dedicated in providing the latest techniques in order to provide the best results and recovery. Some of her interests include spending time with her family and traveling.

Certifications by Josie Rushing Celebrity Therapist

Brazilian Facial Lymphatic Massage

Brazilian Post Surgery Drainage

Brazilian Body Lymphatic Drainage

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Staying hydrated and a healthy diet. But please follow your doctors after procedure instructions specifically for you.


  • Presyncope
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

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