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Fat Underneath the chin or in the submental area can be present from as long as you remember. Despite working out, dieting or weight loss the double chin remains. This submental fat pad can be genetic in nature and is generally stubborn to all these above mentioned strategies. Kybella is a simple clinical procedure that is performed in the office and you can resume your daily activities afterwards.

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Options for Double Chin

Chin liposuction – conventional liposuction or assisted liposuction (smart lipo/slim lipo/laser lipo)
– surgical removal of fat and skin
Kybella – nonsurgical method of treating excess fullness in the submental or under the chin area.


Swelling can be last 2-4 weeks.
Bruising is uncommon, but can happen in the first few days.
Burning can be present for the first week or two.
Numbness is usually temporary.

Repeat Kybella Treatment

4-6 weeks between treatments.

Kybella Indications

Currently Kybella is approved for the submental area (under the chin).

Kybella cost

Kybella can be priced per vial or by the total amount of treatments to receive the desired effect. In this area it is around $600 – $750 per vial

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