Arm Lift

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Extreme weight loss from diet and intense exercise can make your arms sag even more due to loss of fat and volume. Normal aging results in loss of skin elasticity further contributes to the sagging appearance. It is in these situations that an arm lift will benefit the most. Weight changes, aging, genetics, trauma, medications and certain disease processes can lead to extra fat and skin in the upper arms. Hence, if you have extra skin or fat in your upper arms an Arm Lift could be the procedure for you. Arm contouring can involve liposuction only or a combination of liposuction and tissue removal.

Types of Arm Lift

Liposuction: If the skin recoil is adequate certain patients may only need liposuction to reach the desired contour of the arm. This will be determined by Dr. Parikh. Liposuction can debulk the area significantly and may avoid incisions which is a benefit in the ideal candidate


Dr. Parikh and his entire team are consummate professionals. They guided me through the whole process with such amazing ease. During the original consultation they thoroughly prepared me for my procedure. I researched online brachioplasty and was concerned greatly about the scarring. Wondering whether it would be worth the heavy arms that my mother so generously passed on to me verses having the scars. Dr Pareeks attention to detail was amazing. He was constantly checking in with me every day for the first week after the surgery. After only four weeks my scars can hardly be seen. I highly recommend dr Pareek and The wonderful staff at the Aesthetic Facisl Body pals tic Surgery clinic S.H.
Long Scar Brachioplasty: This is the traditional arm lift appropriate with the incision placed along the inner arm or toward the inner bottom part of the arm. This approach is necessary to contour the arm appropriately if there is a significant amount of excess skin and fat. Most patients fall into this category, especially if weight loss is present. Short Scar Brachioplasty: The incision is placed transversely along the armpit area and is well hidden. IT is for a mild amount of skin laxity patients where only a small amount of skin needs to be removed.

Candidates for Arm Lift

Candidates are relatively healthy and nonsmokers. If smoking, a minimum of 4 weeks stopping prior to surgery will improve the outcome. Candidates have excess skin and fat in the area. The arms hang when raised indicates excess skin. If skin recoil is adequate you may be a candidate for liposuction alone and not require incisions. The type of arm lift needed will be determined by Dr. Parikh at the time of consultation.