Sculptra Buttock Filler

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Restoration of volume of the butt or hips can be performed several ways. The two most common ways and recognized standards in the United States are:

The above two mention techniques have consistent results and are recognized as acceptable methods to enhance the buttock by the plastic surgery community at large. Dr. Parikh performs both Fat Transfer and Buttock Implants routinely.

Sculptra on the other hand is a filler material that is injected into the buttock or hip area in effort to gain volume in these areas. In general it is a long acting filler and historically described for the use in facial rejuvenation. This has expanded into the area of buttocks.

Sculptra How it Works

Sculptra or Scupltra Aesthetic is made of injectable poly-L-lactic acid. This is a filler product that is long acting and in general, can last over 2 years. There are reports that in the buttocks the filler can last between 5 – 7 years. Sculptra once injected into the area acts as a collagen stimulator. Therefore it takes time to show results. Over time more collagen is built and therefore helping to restore the volume.

Sculptra How is it Performed

Dr. Parikh Board Certified Plastic Surgeon performs the procedure as an outpatient in the office and takes about 15-20 minutes. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic or numbing shots, followed by injection of Sculptra to the areas. The procedure can also be performed with sedation or general anesthetic if one chooses.

Methods of Injection

  • Cannula technique Dr. Parikh’s preferred technique
  • Needle Technique

Preparing for Buttock Sculptra

Your goals should be set, a thorough consultation regarding what areas you want to improve and what areas bother you the most is important. Multiple fillers may be needed to reach your desired goals and this will be discussed during your consultation. Also medications or over the counter supplements that thin the blood can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. These medications should be stopped a minimum of a 1 week prior to filler treatment.

How much is Needed

Commonly 10 vials are used per session. If larger results are desired, a second treatment is required about 8 weeks apart. A candidate must weigh the cost of the procedure and the possibility of future procedures as needed.


Dr. Parikh is the most kindest, genuine person you could possibly meet. From start to finish of my procedure he and his staff were so attentive always treating me with so much care, as if I were his one and only patient, I truly felt that special. Dr. Parikh is an outstanding surgeon I am more then satisfied with my procedure and will definatly have all my future procedures done with him only, I feel much comfort in knowing that.

Why Choose Dr. Parikh MD FACS

Dr. Parikh is a double board certified plastic surgeon who has performed multiple BBL fat transfers, Gluteal Implant and buttock Sculptra procedures. A consultation with Dr. Parikh will be in depth, since he is fascile in all the techniques. Dr. Parikh will lay out the best treatment plan for you that will get you to your ultimate goal. Lear more about Dr. Parikh and Accomplishments.