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Written by the Patient herself about her experience and Dr. Parikh (translated)

When I was young the women told my mother “Your daughters should cut the clitoris”. My mother agreed, a women came to me and I was anesthetized and she cut off the upper part of my clitoris, the first stage of FGM.

Going through adolescence and during my periods, I was always reminded that I was circumcised and would not feel sexual desire like other women. In Saudi Arabia, there is no circumcision. When I reached the age of 18 I got married. Unfortunately, I did not feel sexual desire, and it was impossible for me to be like other women. My marriage ended in divorce due to this.

I tried to find a solution to my problem. I found a doctor in France who was repairing clitoris’ and the results were amazing. However, I could not go there. I could not find a doctor in Egypt to solve this problem either. Eventually I got a visa to America to study, and possibly solve my problem. I heard the solution is pulling the internal parts of the clitoris to the outside and is not impossible.

About 6 months later, I found Dr. Rikesh Parikh in Seattle being beautified for the area. I saw many pictures and before and after’s. I was completely convinced that he can help after communication between Dr. Parikh and I so I sent him pictures. We then met face to face in consult and discussed the situation with him. We agreed to pull the inner clitoris out.

I thank Dr. Rikesh Parikh for solving my problem. I can now marry again removing the old idea that I cannot feel sexual desire. My suffering with circumcision has been shortened. I am now 30 years old and I hope from the Lord that the rest of my life gets better and better.

“Thank you, Lord that Dr. Parikh has made my way”

I’m 35 years old and a mother of 3 children. After breast-feeding the three of them, I always wanted to have breast augmentation surgery. After a lot of research, I found Dr. Parikh online and made an appointment. He gave me so much information and confidence and took all my doubts away. He was always friendly and very careful with me. It has been one month since my surgery and I’m feeling very happy and fulfilled. It stayed exactly as I expected. Thank you, Dr. Parikh!

“He gave me so much information and confidence and took all my doubts away”

After months of consideration and much internet research, I decided to have labiaplasty surgery. I was understandably nervous but from the moment I walked into the office, I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Parikh answered all of my questions and listened attentively to my concerns. HIs entire staff is absolutely wonderful and they made me feel relaxed and comfortable and as if my expectations being met were of their utmost concern. Dr. Parikh is incredibly talented and professional and his caring attitude is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with any other doctor. It has been six weeks to the day since I had my surgery and I couldn’t be any happier with the results. If you’re considering this or any other form of cosmetic surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Rikesh Parikh and his amazing staff.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Rikesh Parikh and his amazing staff”

I have to share my among experience being a patient of Dr Parikh. After experiencing a breast reduction surgery that left me extremely disfigured with very large keloid scars, I almost gave up hope of ever feeling beautiful again. Dr Parikh performed a miracle removing the scars me treating the area. I run a non profit organization and do not have insurance and he did not turn me away. He performed the surgery pro bono! He is amazing! And truly cares about the outcome. If you are considering having any work done, please let Dr.Parikh be your surgeon. I promise you will be so thankful you did!!!!!!

He is very caring!!!

“He is amazing! And truly cares about the outcome”

Like most moms, I had some post-pregnancy image issues that needed some professional attention. After doing a thorough research and interview process, I met with Dr. Parikh and his staff. My first impression was I had found my doctor and didn’t need to search any further. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Parikh’s practical and down-to-earth style. His first rule was safety first and then proceeded to provide a most appropriate and sound plan for my specific needs. After my procedures, I was extremely satisfied with the results. I look terrific and feel great only weeks post-surgery. Dr. Parikh is an expert in facial body plastic surgery and his attention to detail, safety, and the needs of each patient is what makes him stand out from the others. If you have image issues like I did, I would highly recommend that you seek a consultation with him and meet his very talented and professional staff ASAP.

“I was extremely satisfied with the results”

Dr. Parikh is the most patient and down to earth plastic surgeon. He has done my botox and augmented my breasts. I am always so happy with my results. Even with traveling out of state, Dr. P and his staff make everything so easy. I recommend him to all my friends and family.

“I am always so happy with my results”

I saw Dr. Parikh a couple weeks ago to repair my earlobes on both ears and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My earlobes were damaged from wearing heavy earrings and it’s something that I have been wanting to take care of for over a year now before it got any worse. Although it’s a minor cosmetic surgery compared to others, I was still pretty nervous about having surgery. Dr. Parikh was incredibly friendly and professional and outlined the risks (although minor) associated with the healing process. I really appreciated knowing what to expect and being able to make an informed decision. The surgery went very smoothly and so far I’ve been healing just fine. I am so relieved that I will finally be able to wear earrings that I want to wear within a couple months. The entire staff at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery made me feel very comfortable and welcome to discuss other potential procedures. I’ve already referred Dr. Parikh to my friends and encourage anyone to have a consultation.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results”

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Rikesh Parikh! Although being only 38, I was blessed with facial aging early. Dr. Parikh recommended a small amount of botox to clear the forehead and eye lines that joined me with motherhood. I was nervous as I didn’t want to look “frozen” but he was very honest and reassuring of the anticipated results. The procedure was seamlessly pain free and within a week I looked several years younger. Not only were my lines gone, but he arched and lifted my eyebrows giving me an ageless look. Several people have complimented me, but nobody has suspected I’ve had any work done. I can’t thank Dr. Parikh enough. Who knew, that something so simple would change my life. I will definitely be returning!

“I can’t thank Dr. Parikh enough”

Dr. Rikesh Parikh is one of the best doctors in the NW! He did a Rhinoplasty for me about 2 weeks ago, and it looks TOO perfect. I recommend everybody to go to Dr. Parikh for facial and body surgery.

“Dr. Rikesh Parikh is one of the best doctors in the NW!”

We had a fantastic experience with Dr. Parikh! We found ourselves in the ER with my 2.5 year old daughter after she fell and cut her forehead. We chose to have a plastic surgeon do the stitches and, thankfully, Dr. Parikh was already at the hospital and came down within 30 minutes to help. My daughter was, understandably, nervous (as were we- this was our first ER trip for a kid), but Dr. Parikh was very calm and confident, but also very personable- which was comforting to all of us. He did a fantastic repair and my daughter was even excited to go back for her checkup. Dr. Parikh is knowledgeable, easy to trust, and accommodating! I will definitely keep his card in the (hopefully unlikely) case that we find ourselves in need of a plastic surgeon again!

“We had a fantastic experience with Dr. Parikh!”

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