Female Genital Mutilation aka FGM involves more than 200 million women today worldwide. Areas involved include but not limited to Africa, Middle East and Asia. FGM procedures are more common in the rural areas and commonly performed on younger children shortly after birth to 15 years of age, where most have had the procedure by the age of 5. More than 3 million women are at risk every year.

Female Genital Mutilation involves altering the female genital area intentionally. There are 3 main types. Type 3 being the most severe form called infibulation. Learn more at https://www.rikeshparikhmd.com/plastic-surgery-bellevue/body-procedures/vaginal/

The deformities can often be corrected to improve the quality of life of an affected individual. Surgical techniques vary depending on what the deformity is. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Parikh may be able to help redefine what has been lost in certain candidates. Contact us for any questions or what possible options there may be.

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