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Your drains will be in for a minimum of 10 days and must have less than 15cc of fluid coming out of each drain in a 24-hour period before they are removed. When your drains are ready, please call our office and set up a visit to be seen that day for drain removal.

Empty your drain when it becomes half full or every 8 hours, whichever comes first. For emptying your drain follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands
  • Open the stopper at the top of the bulb. When you release the suction by opening the seal, you can see how much fluid has collected inside of the drain (it’s much harder to see the volume when the bulb is compressed so wait until you open the seal when emptying to better measure volume). The bulb collects up to 100 cc’s of fluid and has 4 horizontal lines on the side (25cc intervals). Each time you empty your drains, write down how much fluid comes out and specify which tube the fluid is coming from (right or left) on the log on the backside of this paper.

Drain Care Instructions

  • Holding the stopper out of the way, pour the fluid into a cup and discard in the toilet.
  • To re-apply suction, just squeeze the bulb, and seal the stopper. This is very important. Your bulbs must be compressed when you close the lid which creates suction and helps fluid come out of the body.
  • Pin bulb(s) to clothing with a safety pin to prevent tugging or pulling on the drain site. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to accidentally remove your drain because it’s sewn to you and extends several inches in length below your skin. Be careful to not poke a hole in the bulb or tubing when pinning drain to your clothing.

Please “strip or milk” the tubing twice per day to keep the tubing from getting clogged.

  • Use one hand to secure the tubing at the exit site of the body (where the tube is coming out).
  • With the other hand, use an alcohol wipe placed between your forefinger and thumb to squeeze tubing down to the collection bulb from the exit site. Always move away from the body so you are not pushing fluid back into the body. Do this 1-2 times (per day) to ensure the entire tubing is clear from clogs or blockages.
  • Remember: won’t be able to accidentally remove your drain during the stripping process because it is sewn into place and extends several inches underneath your skin, but please be careful not to tug on the exit site because this is uncomfortable.


This is how we determine when your drain(s) will be removed.