I wanna say if I can give doctor Rikesh More than the five stars, I will give him more and more stars. Doctor Rikesh Parikh is the best plastic surgeon I saw in Washington. I had the first plastic surgery before four years ago with another doctor (chin implant) and it’s was so bad and wrong( painful and my chin was not even )because the first doctor did mistake and when I asked him, he kept saying that I need time to see the result but I was lucky when my friend told me about her experience with doctor Rikesh and I went with her to his clinic and he told me that I have to fix my chin implant and I did it, AND, Doctor Rikesh did more than that( he did a fat transfer to my face too). I really love my face shape now and I look like more younger than the first. I have a correct chin implant now because he took out the old bad one and he replaced it. Doctor Rikesh has a great experience as a plastic surgeon, he told at the first an appointment exactly what I need and he was correct when I got the results after my surgery. More than that he kept calling me after he did the surgery for me to ask how I feel and if I took my medication in the time. He has a great personality and great experience as a plastic surgeon. I would like to say for everyone who wants to do plastic surgery (doctor Rikesh is the best) and don’t waste your time and your money with another doctor.