Dr. Parikh has changed my life for the best and is an incredibly skilled surgeon. About three months out now from surgery, I could honestly not be happier. I feel so confident, and more like myself without my main insecurity. His staff was incredible, Diana and Stacy answered my many, many questions and helped me when I became nervous. I have 0 regrets, and I wish I had had the means to do it sooner!
Aesthetically, I think Dr. Parikh has the best breast implants I have ever seen. They are not too far apart, the nipple placement is exactly where I wanted it, and as they have dropped people actually cannot tell at all whether they are natural or not. I went with 500 cc high profile gummy bear implants.
Dr Parikh and his staff have made this the best experience I could have possibly had. I am so grateful, happy, and feel free to live my life with no insecurities. Diana and Stacy were so comforting throughout the process. I am so, so happy! I have had 0 complications, and could not be happier.