Dr. Parikh is a superb plastic surgeon. Thorough, personable, highly skilled with a great staff his practice does amazing work.

As a young guy in my early teens I had an orchiectomy for an undescended testicle. Then as I aged into my 40’s and beyond the remaining testicle began to cause chronic pain and was always quite tender. Assuming I would need to live with it I didn’t feel I had any other option. Frustrated with the pain one day I finally started researching solutions and located Dr. Parikh. In discussions with Dr. Parikh and my primary care physician they agreed that an orchiectomy of the remaining testicle and the insertion of two prosthetic replacements was the prudent course.

My surgery went very smoothly, and I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain after. I didn’t need so much as an aspirin the next day or any time during the recovery. The incisions healed very fast. The best part is the chronic pain and tenderness are now completely gone. The implants look and feel completely normal.

The surgery could not have gone better, the recovery time was minimal and the minor scarring is fading quickly. in a few more weeks I expect they will not be visible at all. I can’t thank Dr. Parikh and his staff enough for the work they did. The process end to end from my first consult to the last post op check up has been picture perfect.

Dr. Parikh is an outstanding surgeon. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone looking into an orchiectomy or any other plastic surgery options.