Dr. Parikh was on call on a busy Saturday night in December when my 10 year old daughter needed stitches in her forehead. We waited not long at all which was a pleasant surprise for an ER. He was patient and kind and put my daughter at ease all they way through. He was kind to the ER staff too which was great to see, even when they didn’t have the sizes of sutures he asked for. He made an immediate connection with my daughter and me and handled a stressful, unplanned situation wonderfully.
These are the words of my daughter:
“Dr. Parikh is gentle. I was scared but he made me feel more comfortable. If I said ouch he would try another spot so he didn’t hurt me. He told me what he was going to do first, and was slow and patient. I am so happy he gave me stitches and lined up my eyebrow again so I can barely see the cut. In his office they were really nice when I got my stitches out. I will have him do my stitches again but I hope that doesn’t happen!”
We were very pleased with the treatment and service we received with him and his practice. As a parent I have never had any services from a plastic surgeon, but I had such a great experience with Dr. Parikh and his office staff that now have an appointment in a month with him!