Dr. Parikh receives our family’s absolute highest recommendation. My 2-year-old had an accident this summer and sustained a large, deep laceration to her sweet face. It was all the way to the bone and, as a mother, I was terrified. I didn’t know if her little face would ever be the same, but I did know I needed an EXCELLENT plastic surgeon. Dr. Parikh repaired the laceration beautifully in a careful, skillful, and several-layer repair. A few months later my daughter’s face is truly amazing. The scar is minimal and healing wonderfully. There is no bulging, indents, separation, or assymetry. It appears as though it will virtually disappear over the coming years. It’s truly incredible. Dr. Parikh’s skill level is top notch and his personal care and response to my questions and worries (which were many) put him above and beyond expectations. I can’t give him enough thanks or a high enough recommendation.