Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants

Dr. Rikesh Parikh is such a flawless surgeon. He performed a standard breast augmentation procedure on me 6 weeks ago an they look so amazing and natural. We used 400 CC saline implants and achieved the exact size, shape, and feel that I wanted. I went from a high A cup to a High C cup. I couldn’t be happier with how throughout Dr. Parikh was during our consultation, surgery day, and post operative care. He’s very honest and makes you feel as comfortable as possible during the whole process. He even gives you his personal cell phone number, in case you have additional questions or concerns following the procedure. I would recommend him to any person looking for precise results and a smooth process/experience. My closest family and friends have also had procedures done by Dr. Parikh and they’ve all had impeccable results. I’m more confident, I feel like a new woman, and I love my body! Thank you Dr. Parikh and Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery!!