I visited Dr. Parikh and Parikh MD Staff for a Botox correction. I did not like having uneven-ness in my face, of course no one does, but it is difficult to find someone who can correct the slight caricature my face has become. I could not wait the extra days after the estimated days for Botox to settle. I had to see someone and am fortunate to have found Dr. Parikh and his staff. They instantly knew what I was there for when I arrived. They squeezed me in their very busy schedule- clearly sympathizing with the urgency of my predicament. In the less than 10 minutes from when I walked in, feeling hopeful, elated, and a bit wary, I was seen and heard– important factors when discussing concerns such as one’s face! In less than 7 days, my face evened out. My eyes and brow were there were they should be, the tightness diminished, and I feel like me again- only looking younger 🙂
Dr. Parikh’s expertise, his calm demeanor and the knowledge and professionalism of his staff are a true gem in the plastic and cosmetic surgery microcosm in Bellevue.