I am pleased to write this review for Dr. Parikh. To be honest I have spent over $600 in consultation fees with plastic surgeons, from Everett, UW, and even Kirkland. None of the doctors understood what I needed and what my goal was. You can tell that it was all about the $.

I did have to wait a few week to see Dr. P for my initial formal consultation. He was kind and understand of what my needs are. I went in for the Pre-Op and he downloaded an app on my phone so I can easily communicate with him and his staff after surgery!!!! I LOVE THE APP!!!

On the day of the surgery, I was stressed but he was down to my level and explained everything prior to the operation, and even gave me scenarios and what his priorities are when he is in the OR, he explained that safety was the number one priority.

I am now 4 weeks post-op and I am having more work done. I give his office the highest recommendation. We have one of the best surgeons in town, he has an amazing office, staff, and on top of everything he treats everyone with the highest amount of respect!!!!

It’s totally worth the wait to get the consultation!!!!