I had lost 70 lbs and decided to get a Tummy tuck I went to several consultations until I found my guy Dr P. I scheduled a consultation with him first was an eye to eye conversation of what I was seeking then his nurse asked me to get into a gown they give you these thongs that don’t cover anything. I think it’s just the idea to make you feel you fell your wearing something. When he came in he is like you hide very well. Ouch! I thought in my head. But he had said nothing but the truth I have been wearing tight jeans and compressed tank tops and that was the whole reason I was there. He was going to fix me. He gave me several options for me to think over of how I wanted the surgery and he worked with my budget. After surgery he gave me his cell number to call for any concerns or questions. He usually responds quickly or let’s me know he will be going in surgery and gets back to me. He does amazing work I am still in recuperation from the swelling but I can see results already on my clothes I am happy I chose him I am glad I trusted myself and him to do such a major surgery.