I lost a little over 100 pounds through diet and (and a little help from my friends) . I have maintained this weight loss for about 8 years. I had thought about plastic surgery in the past and visited 2-3 places and did not take action. It was not until January 2016 when I thought specifically about getting a body lift to remove the loose skin around my waist and I had a consult with Dr. Parikh that I decided I wanted to take action! Dr. Parikh and all of the staff are very kind and attentive. Dr. Parikh is like an artist sculpting a beautiful piece of work. He takes pride in his work and the outcome. I am 4 weeks out from my surgery and I am very pleased and thankful for the fantastic job that Dr. Parikh did and the care that he has provided to me. I give Dr. Parikh two snaps and a Z formation. I highly recommend him for your plastic surgery needs and beyond a shadow of a doubt I would see Dr. Parikh for future plastic surgery needs.