From the very start Dr. Parikh set the tone of diligence, caring, and professionalism. I visited him for an assessment on breast augmentation; it was complicated by that fact I am transgender and I’m quite muscular. he spent a long time with me in the office – drawing surgical lines (removable ink), photographing, and analyzing. He gave me hard truths and the reality of my situation and not just what I wanted to hear for the commitment to go ahead. What really sold me was the fact he wanted to consult with some surgical comrades to get different perspectives on my case. How many surgeons will set aside their egos (especially as well trained as Dr. Parikh) to ensure he was seeing this from all angles? Awesome.
I went with the surgery. After the surgery, my caretaker friend asked how it went? Dr. Parikh said, “perfect”. Indeed it has been. Perfection does not land in your lap – it is work, planning, expertise and attention to details. That’s what you get. I love my new breasts, and I am eternally grateful to this man and Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery Clinic. Yay!