I was always ashamed of my skinny calves and six weeks ago I decided to do something about them, so I google for a Plastic surgeon who did Calf implants. My google search produced a couple names of Bellevue surgeons and I contacted them. Dr Rikesh Parikh responded to my email within a few hours and over the next few days I was able to meet with him for a face to face consult. I was very impressed by the friendly, warmth and professionalism of this surgeon. He answered all my questions about the calf implant procedure, the various options for augmenting the calves and possible complications. By the end of the conversation I was fully convinced that I should have the calf implant surgery done by an appropriately qualified plastic surgeon like Dr Parikh. Within 2 weeks of our meeting I had my calves implanted . This was a very pleasant experience for me. I was appropriately followed up after the surgery and I am very happy with my new legs. Now I feel confident to show them off in shorts and swim suits.

His staff was also very polite and helpful in arranging my accommodation and the cost was affordable.
I recommend this plastic surgeon to any one who is considering a calf implant. Hats off to Dr Parikh.