I turned 61 years old in March of 2015. My Facebook friends had a contest to see who had the funniest prom picture, and we put them all online. I didn’t win funniest, but I did win “Most Changed” (or at least to me it was most changed). My nose had gotten bigger and droopier over the years until I didn’t even look like that prom photo.

Enter Dr. Parikh. He is a very friendly, outgoing man with a way of putting you at ease. I soon found myself telling him about how sad I was that my nose had gotten so much bigger and that is was distressing to me to envision the future with an even larger one. We sat down to talk about my expectations and the reality of what I could expect.

After the surgery, Dr. Parikh called or texted me nearly every day to ask about my progress and comfort. One week later, he took off the splint — Wow, it was my old nose again! Maybe even better since, he reduced the bridge width too. I could also see improvement in the width and length of the tip.

I’m not going to tell you it was a piece of cake. Would I do it again? You bet, especially with Dr. Parikh! I’ve had many surgeries over the years and never had a better feeling about my doctor.

Friends have started commenting that I must have lost weight. Hah!

I would highly recommend Dr. Parikh for any surgery you’re contemplating. He’s truly a nice man and an artist with faces. Thanks again Doc!