I went to Dr. Parikh for lipo contouring and Renuvion tissue tightening of my waist about five weeks ago and am absolutely loving the results! Throughout the consultation and process, Dr. Parikh and his team were incredibly attentive, helpful, and went out of their way to make me feel like I was their top priority. He listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered on it better than I thought possible. He asked a lot of thoughtful questions regarding what I wanted my end results to be. A procedure like this is very personal and, prior to going to him, I was concerned about going to a surgeon and just being his “8am” for the day. Dr. Parikh and his team made me feel respected and valued. He and his nurse, Stacy, also made sure to let me know they were available to me for any questions or concerns I had prior to and after the surgery. They did the normal post-surgery check-in with me, but even did a couple more check-ins with me because they knew I was traveling a couple weeks after and wanted to make sure I was doing well. All the bruising is gone and the minimal surgery marks have all but disappeared. Just some tightness now and I expect that will recede soon. It looks smooth! I can’t wait to show off my new figure this summer! I would highly recommend him and his talented staff!