Fillers and Botox

I had Botox and fillers done with Dr. Parikh and Kristina the RN. He said that it wasn’t going to hurt when he did the injections and I thought he was kidding, but it really didn’t hurt! The numbing lotion was amazing instead of numbing injections which I’ve in the past at other places and were painful. It was so sweet of him to guide the nurse Kristina while doing the injections. Botox here is different than the Botox that I’ve done previously at other practices. You all seem very educated and know exactly where to put the Botox to make it work perfectly. He made me feel as comfortable as I do with Dr. Young AKA Dr. Cutie. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Young for many years (8) and I think they are a wonderful team together. My results are great and I will continue to come back to these kind people for any of my future needs. They really feel like my second family and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found them.