Doctor Rikesh Parikh is one of the most dedicated and caring doctors I ‘ve ever had and I know you don’t know me but with my health I’ve had a lot of doctors so can say this with pride and honesty. He gives more help and care exceptions on those who don’t have much in the world. He’s not just about the money like most doctors. he has such a big heart and gives calm sound advice. I am a big worry wart its hard to calm me but doctor Parikh could and when your scared and worrying in a hospital you want to not worry. Doctor Parikh has treated me in and out of the hospital for months and shown compassion and strength. I am very lucky and fortunate to have Doctor Rikesh Parikh as my surgeon and recommend him to anyone who needs such a gifted,caring,hard working and talented Doctor!!! Thank You Doctor Rikesh Parikh!!!