This is long, but needs to be said – Dr Parikh is a tremendous talent in plastic surgery and he helped us out a great deal!! He is also a genuine, fully engaged, and down to earth person to work with. His communication skills are excellent – we thought he was US-born, turns out a good deal of his training was in the US in some very prestigious schools and hospitals. We are so grateful to have gotten to work with him!
The competence and skill Dr Parikh displayed in healing a deep, seven inch wound/gouge on my mother-in-law’s inner ankle are testimony to his incredible education and training. This guy KNOWS his way around a hospital as well as in private practice. This was a very difficult area to treat and his expertise made it possible for this wound to heal much more quickly, efficiently (and beautifully I must add) than if we had not had him with us! Today my mother in law is up to task, and back to full time gardening and activity thanks to him!
Once she was out of the hospital, we saw him for follow-up care in his private practice in Bellevue once per week. He took a lot of time and a lot of care with us. He did not charge my mother in law for those follow up visits! His only concern was to see her through and get her back up and around. As I said in the beginning, he is fully genuine and fully engaged.
As an aside, I must add, that while in his office one day, one of his staff members shared with me that she had had breast enlargement by Dr Parikh and showed me her results in her workout top on her way to the gym. Now, I have almost ALWAYS been able to discern breast implants, especially on young, thin, FIT women (where the appearance can be a bit too forward and firm looking). But this young lady’s were absolutely beautiful with as natural a form as anything I have ever seen. I remembered when we were in one of our several hospital stays, he had flown out to a continuing education course for surgical observation/study with ‘THE breast guru MD of the US’, so it’s great to know he keeps himself up on the absolute latest practices. It surely shows in his work.
I know this is lengthy but it’s all necessary and true of our story and experience. I personally would not hesitate to put myself in his hands if I need him – Dr Parikh is ‘The Guy’. Board certified AND tremendously talented. Thank you Dr Parikh!! Truly a bright star!