Written by the Patient herself about her experience and Dr. Parikh (translated)

When I was young the women told my mother “Your daughters should cut the clitoris”. My mother agreed, a women came to me and I was anesthetized and she cut off the upper part of my clitoris, the first stage of FGM.

Going through adolescence and during my periods, I was always reminded that I was circumcised and would not feel sexual desire like other women. In Saudi Arabia, there is no circumcision. When I reached the age of 18 I got married. Unfortunately, I did not feel sexual desire, and it was impossible for me to be like other women. My marriage ended in divorce due to this.

I tried to find a solution to my problem. I found a doctor in France who was repairing clitoris’ and the results were amazing. However, I could not go there. I could not find a doctor in Egypt to solve this problem either. Eventually I got a visa to America to study, and possibly solve my problem. I heard the solution is pulling the internal parts of the clitoris to the outside and is not impossible.

About 6 months later, I found Dr. Rikesh Parikh in Seattle being beautified for the area. I saw many pictures and before and after’s. I was completely convinced that he can help after communication between Dr. Parikh and I so I sent him pictures. We then met face to face in consult and discussed the situation with him. We agreed to pull the inner clitoris out.

I thank Dr. Rikesh Parikh for solving my problem. I can now marry again removing the old idea that I cannot feel sexual desire. My suffering with circumcision has been shortened. I am now 30 years old and I hope from the Lord that the rest of my life gets better and better.