Breast Augmentation Round Saline Implants

When I went to the doctor for a consultation, I was nervous. I had wanted this procedure done since I was in middle school. I finally talked my mom into taking me to a doctor to discuss a breast augmentation. I talked to Dr. Parikh and made my appointment for after my 18th birthday. After talking to him, I wasn’t nervous anymore — I was excited. A few weeks later, I went in for my surgery and came out with a full C cup — just what I wanted. I was originally an A cup. I asked Dr. Parikh to make my breasts bigger but without making me fake looking and disproportional. My new breasts fit my body correctly and look natural. After the surgery, he called me that night to check up on me. The incisions are healing nicely and my boobs look great! I am so pleased with the work he did. He never rushed us or made me feel nervous. Thank you so much for the work you did Doctor Parikh!