I saw Dr. Parikh a couple weeks ago to repair my earlobes on both ears and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My earlobes were damaged from wearing heavy earrings and it’s something that I have been wanting to take care of for over a year now before it got any worse. Although it’s a minor cosmetic surgery compared to others, I was still pretty nervous about having surgery. Dr. Parikh was incredibly friendly and professional and outlined the risks (although minor) associated with the healing process. I really appreciated knowing what to expect and being able to make an informed decision. The surgery went very smoothly and so far I’ve been healing just fine. I am so relieved that I will finally be able to wear earrings that I want to wear within a couple months. The entire staff at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery made me feel very comfortable and welcome to discuss other potential procedures. I’ve already referred Dr. Parikh to my friends and encourage anyone to have a consultation.