This was a hard review for me to write, there are so many positives…
I did a heavy amount of research before considering getting my tummy tuck and fat transfer. So many questions, what if I can’t find the right doctor? What if something happens during surgery? Will he understand my vision? All the what if’s and but’s..

The first time I met Dr. Parikh, my anxiety about the surgery was at rest. He answered all of my questions was very respectful and honest. I knew I was in good hands and felt confident choosing him to be my surgeon. His assistant Stacie is great and tentative as well, she responded right away with everything I needed and more.

Day of surgery, I thought I was going to be way more nervous about it all being as it was a pretty big surgery and the high risk involved. I spoke with Dr. Parikh and a couple people before going in and was actually pretty relaxed.

Also, I had a time crunch involved so Dr. Parikh was able to squeeze me into his schedule, during his own time mind you. I was very thankful for this.

He also was on vacation the following week of my surgery, yet, bless the man answered my numerous phone calls and texts concerning my worries about what I thought was going wrong with my recovery. He was a saint to have dealt with me, I know I was not an easy patient to handle the following couple days of my surgery. Yet he was there every step of the way!

I could not recommend a better Surgeon!!!